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Bishop David Zubik announced today that Saint Malachy School will merge with Holy Trinity School effective July 1, 2019. The decision to merge was recommended by the administrator of Saint Malachy, Holy Trinity and Saint John of God parishes, Father David Poecking. This recommendation was made after extensive consultation with the principals, pastoral councils, finance councils and other advisors at Holy Trinity Parish and School, Saint Malachy Parish and School, and Saint John of God Parish, as well as consideration of the recommendations of the specially formed Holy Trinity and Saint Malachy Task Forces. “I grant permission to merge Holy Trinity School and Saint Malachy School under the new name Archangel Gabriel, effective as of the commencement of the 2019-2020 school year,” Bishop Zubik wrote in a letter to Father Poecking. “Given the importance of Catholic schools, I know that you will encourage your parishioners to continue their support for Catholic education.” Every effort will be made to assist teachers and the children of parishioners at Holy Trinity, Saint Malachy, and Saint John of God parishes with the transition to this newly merged school.


St Malachy School develops the body, mind and spirit of children from preschool through eighth grade. It is our mission to help each child nurture his or her relationship with Jesus and the faith community through prayer, worship and service. Collaborating in the learning process, teachers and parents integrate our Catholic faith throughout the curriculum to create an educational environment that focuses on preparing students to be productive members of their
community and the Catholic Church.




Daily Prayer and Weekly Mass
All Day Preschool Available
After School Care Available
Pastor Involvement and Presence in the School
SMART Technology Used Throughout the School
Middle States Accredited
Extra-Curricular Activities



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