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Archangel Gabriel School: Holy Trinity School and St. Malachy School together, what a joyful beginning!

Today, March 17 the families and staff will meet at Holy Trinity for prayer, tours and of course fellowship. On Tuesday, March 19 grades 5-8 will visit Holy Trinity and Friday, March 22 grades K-4 will visit. On Sunday, March 24 there will be a Preschool information meeting at Father Weirauch Hall followed by tours of the school. As you can see there is a lot of wonderful things happening!



February has been a busy month for the 6th grade. In Math, they began to learn how to solve Algebraic equations. Yup, that’s right - Algebra in 6th grade! In Social Studies, they explored the Renaissance.

It is hard to believe it is Spring already! I think Phil the groundhog made a mistake. Snow or sun, rain or shine, the eighth grade is coming in for the homestretch. So, what’s up with the amazing 8th? In English class they are tackling adverbial, adjective, subordinate and independent clauses. In Literature, they are working on a play adapted from the “Diary of Anne Frank”. For Health class, they are finishing a section on the effects of alcohol and various drugs. The challenge in Science is mastering chemical reactions, while infinitive verbs are being dealt with in Spanish class. In Computer class, the 8th graders are doing a PowerPoint on 10 world landmarks and voices are lifted in song for music. Polynomials are being added, subtracted, multiplied and factored in Algebra, while the Axis Powers are being battled in Social Studies. Thankfully we know how it ends. Finally, saving the most exciting for last we received the power of the Holy Spirit on March 14. I am happy to report there are so many students who are doing exceptionally well. God Bless our 8th graders!


Yard Signs

We are looking for people to advertise our school by displaying our yard signs. If any parishioners live in a high traffic area or in a neighborhood with a lot of school age families and are willing to display our sign, please call the school office to get one.


Open Enrollment

As you read about our school on the web site each week, we hope that you begin to picture the value and scope of a Catholic School education. We are very proud of our parish school and invite you to enroll your child(ren) for the next school year. Please contact the school at (412) 771-4545 for your personal tour!


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