What is the PTG?

You are the PTG! We are the parents and the teachers of the children who attend St. Malachy School. We are actively involved with our children's education, spiritual well being, and friends. We celebrate and socialize as a community. We effectively raise important funds for our school's resources and supplies. We embrace our responsibility to mold our children into caring, involved students and citizens through the Christian values that St. Malachy School facutly, administration and staff reinforce daily.

Board Members

President:  Billie Athanas
Vice President:  Dana Schirnhofer
Treasurer:  Doug Larimer
Secretary:  Tammi Colucci

Publicity:  Jen Mattarochia
Social Committee Chair:  Dana Schirnhofer
Volunteer Committee:  Doug Lariner & Dana Schirnhofer
Overall Fundraising Chair: Kristy Mosur
Fundraising - Donut Sales:  Roy Scott
Fundraising - Hoagies Sales"  Linda McCracken
Fundraising - Lucky Lottery Sales:  Linda McCracken
Fundraising - Scrip:  Lisa Polar


PTG Meetings are open to every St. Malachy School Parent and teacher, and are held on the second Tuesday every month during the school year at 7:00 pm in the school library. All Parents are encouraged to participate, voice concerns, and present new ideas.


Fundraising is an essential part of the Catholic school environment. Although fundraisers are not mandatory, there is fundraising commitment per family that is part of your children's tuition. Participating in our fundraisers is a great way to help you reach your goal.