Liturgy & Minister Schedule

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Liturgies and Intentions
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Date Time Feast Intention
22 May (Mon) 7:15 AM St. Rita of Cascia

Bill Mudryk by Al Martonik
23 May (Tues) 7:15 AM  

William E. Caldwell by Alex Hadfield
24 May (Wed) 7:15 AM  

Donald J. Kester by Kathy Halligan
24 May (Wed) 4:00 PM  

Blessings 31st Anniversary Rev. John E. Hissrich by Parish Office Staff
25 May (Thur) 7:15 AM The Ascension of the Lord Elmer Soltez by Helen Gleason
25 May (Thur) Noon The Ascension of the Lord Special Intention
25 May (Thur) 7:00 PM The Ascension of the Lord Guy Calorie by Wife & Children
26 May (Fri) 7:15AM   Al Gieri by Wife & Family
26 May (Fri) 8:45 AM   Jean Wilczynski by Jim & Regina Finn
27 May (Sat) 4:00PM  

People of the Parish
28 May (Sun) 8:00 AM Seventh Sunday of Easter

Earl Cetto by Daughter & Grandchildren
11:00 AM Seventh Sunday of Easter

Bernice & Walter Masilunas by Masilunas Family


Minister Schedule
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Date Time Altar Servers Cantor EMHC Lectors
27 May (Sat.) 4:00 PM J. Mosur
N. Mosur
O. Karney
  T. Davis-W
S. Lyons

M. Weinstein-W
B. Worms
L. Worms
R. Corsetti

K. Criscella
D. Gallagher

28 May (Sun.) 8:00 AM M. Ondercin
J. Pettner

  P. Collins
L. Hoffman-W

E. Kantz-W
M. Schneider
A. Kachmar

C. Fauser
M. Incorvati
28 May (Sun.) 11:00 AM H. Stephenson
H. Stephenson
J. Rees

  K. Foerster
A. Jozwiak

D. Kozy-W
R. Osman
S. Vaught
J. Slifkey-W
G. Harbaugh

E. Scholl


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