Liturgy & Minister Schedule

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Liturgies and Intentions
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Date Time Feast Intention
18 Sept (Mon) 7:15 AM  

Linda Palermo by Gregory Lukas
19 Sept (Tues) 7:15 AM St. Januarius

Ida Ligouri by Jim & Peg Lisiak
20 Sept (Wed) 7:15 AM St. Andrew Kim Tae-gon

Philip Kossler by His Family
21 Sept (Thur) 7:15 AM St. Matthew, Apostle Marcella (Snyder) Reitz by Wayne Jr, Kimberly, Wayne, Shirley Snyder
22 Sept (Fri) 7:15AM   Doris Presutti by Scritpure Study Group
22 Sept (Fri) 8:45AM   Paul & Isabel Dellemonache by Children
23 Sept (Sat) 4:00PM  

Thaddeus & Martha Skowron by Lindsay, Brittany, Shirley & Wayne Snyder
24 Sept (Sun) 8:00 AM Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

People of the Parish
11:00 AM Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Pasquale & Velia Dinello by Rosanna, Sandra & Franco Cercone


Minister Schedule
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Date Time Altar Servers Cantor EMHC Lectors
23 Sept (Sat.) 4:00 PM J. Hatherley
N. Mosur
M. Tucci
M. Corona J. Lisiak-W
M. Weinstein

M.A. Fenio
C. Chambers
K. Dorman
P. Lisiak-W
B. Worms

M. Trocchio
D. Gallagher

24 Sept (Sun.) 8:00 AM A. Klimas
F. Smigiel

J. Pasquarelli R. Mell-W
E. Kantz

A. Kachmar-W
J. Formosa-W
Z. Beyer
D. Beyer-W/CH
L. Knudsen-E

C. Laquinta
T. Neary
24 Sept (Sun.) 11:00 AM C. Fauser
B. Lueck
H. Schirhofer

D. Obed T. Donovan
W. Madden

B. Marshall
S. Vaught-W
S. Ondo
P. Kulak-W
R. Parrish

K. Criscella


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