Liturgy & Minister Schedule

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Liturgies and Intentions
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Date Time Feast Intention
14 Aug (Mon) 7:15 AM St. Maximilian

John & June Andrasko by Family & Friends
14 Aug (Mon) 4:00 PM St. Maximilian

M/M Edmund Friedel by Dghtr: Judith
15 Aug (Tues) 7:15 AM The Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Mary Ann Lachowicz by M/M Mel Weinstein
15 Aug (Tues) Noon The Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Zurawski Family by Ann, Patricia & Ron
15 Aug (Tues) 7:00 PM The Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Special Intention
16 Aug (Wed) 7:15 AM St. Stephen of Hungary

George Gleason by Wife & Family
17 Aug (Thur) 7:15 AM   Anthony Sinicrope by Judy & Mark Fritzges
18 Aug (Fri) 7:15AM   Julie Volsko by Jack & Judy Carney
19 Aug (Sat) 4:00PM  

Madeline Ledgerwood by Ed Ledgerwood
20 Aug (Sun) 8:00 AM Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

People of the Parish
11:00 AM Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

John Peter Cordon, Jr. by Matt Romano


Minister Schedule
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Date Time Altar Servers Cantor EMHC Lectors
19 Aug (Sat.) 4:00 PM K. Scott
N. Mosur
O. Karney
Contemporary Choir R. Corsetti
M. Athanas

T. Fenio-W
C. Chambers
V. Mell-W
M. Weinstein
N. Athanas

D. Gallagher
K. Dorman

20 Aug (Sun.) 8:00 AM M. Ondercin
C. Fauser

D. Obed J. Oakes-W
J. Formosa

L. Hoffman-W
M. Schneider
D. Danby
J. Kuzel-W
P. Daly-E

P. Perri
M. Phillips
20 Aug (Sun.) 11:00 AM B. Lueck
N. Karlik
M. Trocchio

Contemporary Choir S. Ondo-W
P. Kulak-W

J. Slifkey
W. Madden
S. Vaught
T. Donovan
B. Marshall

R. Parrish


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