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Young Adult Group

Are you between 21 and 39 and interested in participating in spiritual, social, athletic, and service activities with other young adults? If so, please contact Steve Swank at (412) 771-5483 or to learn about restarting our Young Adult Group.


Mass Intention Back Log Book

During the weekday Mass there are sometimes one or two priests concelebrating. These priests may remember intentions at that Mass. They acquire this intention from the Back Log Book. If you wish a loved one to be remembered at Mass you may submit your loved one to the Back Log Book. There is no promised given date when a loved one is on this list. A given date will be listed in the bulletin after the Mass has been fulfilled. Mass offerings are $10. To add a love one to the book, please stop by the Parish Office or mail your request.



Rest In Peace

We remember those who passed from this earthly life to eternal glory, especially those who we now pray, Mary Lokey and all deceased parishioners. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.


Military Prayer List

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.

Lisa Aburaad, Brian Breland, James Breslin, Josh Bruchwajski, Ian Donovan, Eric Dudash, William Duffy, Travis Dunham, Mark Finnegan, Edward Glance, Lewis Hess, Chris Holton, Spencer Lindsay, Christopher McDermott, James McGregor, Benjamin Macek, Jacob Mammay, Steven Marshall, Jeremiah Murphy, Kevin Murphy, Michael Murphy, Nick Obusek, Nicholas Rymniak, C.J. Stangl, Chris Straw, James Van Dyke, Jeffrey Vittorio, Chris Wasek, Joseph Wasek III, Matthew Zivic

To add names to the military prayer list, please contact the Parish Office.


Pray for the Sick

Please pray for those in hospitals, nursing homes or homebound. May they continue to receive the Lordís blessings.

Joanie, Patrick Alex, Joan Amon, Barbara Barbera, Rita Battaglini, John Bednar, Ann Borden, Esther Burik, Janet Cain, Nancy Calhoon, Betty Campalong, Charles Campbell, Bill Casrelli, Earl Cetto, Margaret Coppler, Ryan Costa, Bev Cummins, Alice Curtolo, Jane Davis, Judy Deczkowski, Anya DeFeo, Madeline Deluca, Rene Dewine, Gil Dieteman, Tom Drost, Marge Ferraro, Helena Ferro, Taylor Finn, Lynn Frketic, John & Bonnie Gallagher, Cynthia Gilchrist, Frank Gracy, Georgiana Guerra, Bruce Gutt, Lizzie Guzman, Brenna Halbedl, Robert Hodgkiss, Elizabeth Jakiel, Victoria M. Jeffrey, Louise Jones, Melissa Jones, Sean Jones, Sue Joseck, Alberta Kale, Ann Kane, Stella Karg, Wasil Karlobski, Bonnie Kempton, Arlene Kikle, Joseph Knouse, Fred Komernitski, Ed Krall Sr, Kevin Kramer, Penny Kramer, Bob Langmann, Karen Lamping, Jennifer LePore, Sam Lewis, Patricia Leyda, Irene List, Mariyanna McCarthy, Marla McKnight, Freida (Streiner) Mandus, Fr. Michael Maranowski, Charlotte Markle, Patricia Martin, Mary Mazzocco, Johnny Mucha, Patrick Murphy, Tim Nolan, Mali Olivani, Emil Parent Sr, Kathy Pfeuffer, Shirley Pieto, Margaret Porter, Gerard Powers, Shannon Preininger, Aaron Prosperini, Alice Rhoades, Lois Schipani, Sam Scotti, Joe Sedlak, David Shankin, Joanna Simmons, Carol Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, Marianne, Raymond Soffa, Jessica Soliz, Addie Sorokis, Anna Spezialetti, Barb Stemmler, Shirley Stephenson, Ron Thoma, Elizabeth Vein, Theresa Viziana, Mary "Mia" Walsh, Ann Wasek, Barb West, Marci Williams, Ron Woshner

And for those who request prayers anonymously.

To add names to this prayer list, please contact the Parish Office.


Prayer Chain

If anyone is in need of prayers for a particular intention, just call Diane at (412) 331-7684 and leave a message. Your intentions will be prayed for by our Prayer Chain minsitry.


Holy Family Niche Flowers

This week's flowers are in memory of Richard & Catherine Havern by Family.


Yearly Perpetual Votive Candles

There are pre-paid candles ($150) for the year at the Our Lady of Fatima statue. Please contact the Parish Office or mail in a check to St. Malachy Parish with the name of the person if you would like to have a yearly candle lit for a loved one or friend.


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