Student And Family Resources

Students and their families can work diligently together at learning more about God's Love.

Student And Family Resources

Parents and Students can use this page to locate vital information that will hopefully answer any of their questions.

Family Faith Formation

Some parents may feel that it is best to home school their child when it comes to Religious Education. For those that are interested in this method, please call the Religious Education Office for more information: 412-771-7480.

Information For Enrolled Students

Parents: please click on Parent Handbook to learn crucial information about the Religious Education Program. Here, you can find information on what is expected from students, what occurs in the event of a closing, as well as disciplanary actions. All the information you need to know about your child's Religious Education Education can be found there!

Students looking to access activites pertaining to their textbook can select Christ Our Life. This will open up the textbook site in another tab in your broswer. Select "Student" and find your grade level. Here, you will find activites such as games and chapter reviews.


Have A Question? Feel Free To Call Steven's Office At (412)-771-7480