Our Catechists

St. Malachy Parish is fortunate enough to have 24 knowledgable and dedicated catechists that have volunteered their time to spread the love of God to our children.

Who is a Catechist?

The catechist is a person who:

  1. Is called to teach in the name of Christ and His Church.
  2. Speaks from the depths of his/her own personal faith journey.
  3. Lives a deeply spiritual, religious life.
  4. Witnesses a life of prayer.
  5. Opens his or her heart and mind to the Word of God in the Scriptures.
  6. Has deep love for the Church and her teachings.
  7. Lives in communion with the Church and embraces a full sacramental life.
  8. Possesses the unambiguous commitment to convey the truths of the faith in a clear and consistent manner.
  9. Pursues the necessary training in theology, religious education and catechetical methodology to effectively teach the heart and mind of Christ to his/her students.
  10. Participates in the social and charitable ministries of the Church.

Our Catechists (2016-2017)

Below is the list of our catechists from grade levels Kindergarten to 8th Grade. Should you or your child ever need to contact a catechist, either by email or phone, visit the Religious Education office or call (412)-771-7480.


  • Miss Katie McGregor
  • Mrs. Shirley Snyder

1st Grade

  • Mrs. Maureen Conner
  • Mrs. Anita Lorenz
  • Mrs. Patricia Kulak

2nd Grade

  • Mrs. Marcy Stevenson
  • Mrs. Lynette Castelucci

3rd Grade

  • Mrs. Kathleen Murphy
  • Mrs. Sharon Stander
  • Mrs. Joanne Swank

4th Grade

  • Mrs. Kathleen Pennington
  • Mrs. Suzanne Bentley
  • Mr. Christopher DeSalle
  • Dr. William Stropkaj

5th Grade

  • Mrs. Emilee Crosby
  • Mrs. Charlotte Easley
  • Ms. Diane Obed

6th Grade

  • Mr. Carlos Turcios
  • Mrs. Carol Pfeuffer

7th Grade

  • Mr. Edward Kantz
  • Mrs. Kimberly Smith
  • Mrs. Amy DiClemente

8th Grade

  • Mr. Daniel Gallagher
  • Mrs. Kimberly Smith
  • Mr. David Pfeuffer
  • Mrs. Carol Pfeuffer


Have A Question? Feel Free To Call Steven's Office At (412)-771-7480