NVDA Partners To Accelerate Drug Discovery Around The World

(NASDAQ: NVDA at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-nvda) revealed today that Schrödinger’s strategic collaboration is to exploit the NVIDIA DGX A100 systems to further extend the pace and precision of Schrödinger’s computer drug finding tool and to enable a fast and accurate assessment of billions of molecules to build therapeutic potential.

The companies will be optimising the Schrödinger software interface for the NVIDIA DGX SuperPODTM, developed with NVIDIA DGX A100 framework and NVIDIA InfiniBand HDR networking systems to shape and anticipate the characteristic features of new molecules.


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The paper includes the physics-based modelling in the Schrödinger product suite and the support for the ClaraTM Discovery (NASDAQ: NVDA), a range of cutting eye models for advanced computing drug research, implementations and pre-trained models. In order to further advance physics-driven computer sciences and deep learning for drug development, businesses can also collaborate on theoretical and academic advances.

Tests systematically tens of thousands of molecules, using their most computationally expensive physical methods, for each prospective candidate. Hundreds of thousands of hours GPU time are needed on high-performance computers.

The partnership will help expedite drug research on a supercomputer level in the pharmaceutical sector involving more than 3,000 firms – from start-ups to multinationals. This solution, along with the most promising compounds for possible medicinal application, enables organisations of all sizes to mimic chemical variations of physics and AI. Pharmaceutical companies will carry out this study via the Schrödinger network, which can be installed in premises or in a colocation plant, with their own, simple to deploy private clouds.

Predictive modelling

The predictive modelling incorporated into our Platform aims to extend the quest for high-quality therapeutic molecules significantly and (NASDAQ: NVDA) is one of the main technological partners for this project.” “Many of the largest pharmaceutical firms in the world can explore the chemical field more rapidly and meet quality candidates at much less costs than conventional approaches through sophisticated computer tools. We are happy to partner with NVIDIA to ensure that this process works much easier.

In order to benefit from NVIDIA Ampere’s and its multi-instance GPU Technologies, science and engineering teams at NVIDIA are working to improve and refine its Schrödinger Set. To build a DGX SuperPOD customers can conveniently use Schrödinger software on a single DGX system, or a cluster of 20 or more. This enables scanning and evaluation of billions of molecules a week for hundreds of drug projects.

Improving accuracy

The advanced combined simulation of deep learning by Schrödinger improves precision in computer drug research,” said (NASDAQ: NVDA) -President of Healthcare, Kimberly Powell. “They are jointly providing the pharmaceutical sector with a research instrument providing super-high-performance leads for improving and speeding up drug candidate progress. You can check other stock like nasdaq qqq at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-qqq.